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Shota Suzuki

Shota Suzuki



1987 Born in Japan

2010 Graduated from  Tohoku university of art & design ( Japan)

Lives in Kyoto, Japan.

In my art creation, I always feel a powerful energy emanating from small plants. My goal is to capture the beauty of each moment and the landscape created by plants, utilizing the characteristics of metal materials (such as color and hardness) in my work.

The flowers that bloom in spring scatter their leaves in preparation for winter, bear fruit, and prepare for the next year. This instinctive cycle of life may seem ordinary, but it's incredibly mystical and beautiful, involving the sun, rain, wind, and many other elements.

Wildflowers teach us the strength and importance of adapting to any environment and living vigorously. They symbolize the strength to survive in even the most difficult circumstances and the beauty of nature's cycle.

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